Sunday, February 19, 2023

Rock and Wire Tree on Maple Slice

 Here's another rock and wire tree.  This one is kind of
special to me.  The wood slab comes from a maple tree
that I had cut down because it was dying and I wanted to
put in my fruit trees.  I kept one small log from the maple.

I used my miter saw cut out a couple of slices.  They are beautiful.
Even without any finishing they have lovely grain.
My only frustration is that the log is not straight, so it is
VERY card to cut without it wanting to fling itself
across the room.

Friday, February 3, 2023

Rock and Wire Wish Upon a Star

Here's another tree.  I tore this one apart 2 times because
I was not happy with it.  It's a bonsai style, but I did not like the leaves.   I finally took them off and
added the silver star.  The rock is a bit oversized for this
tree, but I didn't decide that til all of the wrapping and
shaping was done, so they are now a pair!

Monday, January 30, 2023

Rock and Wire Tree with Pearlized Enamel


This is another rock and wire tree.  They are soooo hard 
to take a picture of!!  

I used the soft Benecreat aluminum wire to make little 
curly cues that look a bit like hearts.  I added some 
Pearlized Enamel Effects Basic (from Stampin' Up!)
to the curly cues.  This product does a great job
adhering to the wire and not dripping.  It also saves
time because you can do multiple curls without worrying
about dealing with beads.

I wound the roots around the rock and put some hot
glue on the underside of the rock to hold things in place.
I love this rock because in person, it matches 
the copper wire beautifully.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Rock and Wire Arrowhead Necklace

 I'm back today with another Rock and Wire necklace.
I purchased this arrowhead years ago and had it sitting in
my wire crafting box.   I think I hesitate on some of my
creative projects for two reasons: 1) I don't want to use
"my pretty" stone, or 2) I can't decide on the project.

In this example, I used some Benecreat soft aluminum
craft wire to wrap the stone, add a bead and create a loop.  
I finished it off with a faux suede cord, 
knotted so that I can change the material as needed.
I had previously made a pair of beaded earrings, which
go perfectly with the arrowhead.

Monday, January 16, 2023

Rock and Wire Tree

 The other wire and rock art form that I'm attracted to
is armatures, featuring trees or people.  I wrapped beads
on the end of wires, creating several curls around the bead.
I then twisted all of the copper lengths together,
in order to create the tree trunk.  The ends were wrapped
around a piece of lava, found on a property that I used
to own in CA.  I just love the combination of wire and rock!

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Rocks and Wire Necklace

 I am a bit of a rock enthusiast, although I don't know my rock
names or features.  I just enjoy finding pretty pebbles by the lake,
or desert path.   My sweet sister Julie is a little more serious
about her rocks and tumbles them for sale in her store.
Once in a while, I try creating jewelry out of found 
or purchased stones.  This is a stone that Julie 
found and tumbled.

I wrapped the stone with copper wire, formed the loop, and
added the faux leather cord.  I had some stone beads that
went well with the necklace, so made the earrings to match,
using copper findings.