Friday, October 18, 2019

Stamp Off Country Home Sketch Challenge

Wow, time flies when you are watching the leaves fly!
It's time for another stamp off challenge, featuring cards by
Buffy, Susan and I.  This one is a card sketch that I designed.

I have to admit that I really like this sketch.  I made a number
of cards following this layout, just because they really flowed.

This is the card that I decided to use for this challenge.
I love the fact that we now have Puff Paint in the Holiday
Catalog (page 19), so that I can add cotton to this
Country Home (p 95) image.  It really pumps up the 
look of this image.  The Stamping' Blends are no slouch either!
I added See a Silhouette DSP with a Silver Foil accent.  
The sentiment comes from the
Here's a Card set on page 15.  

Please click over to Buffy and Susan's blog's to see
their interpretation of this sketch.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Mom's Birthday Greetings

I have one last birthday story to share.
This is my Mom (who prefers pictures taken from behind)
on a walk in our favorite park.  When Mom/Patty visited
we went to Hills and Dales park frequently for picnics,
walks or to feed the fish.

My Mom is creative and a little twisted.  That is
apparently where I get it.  Anyway, several days before
my birthday, I received two birthday cards from Mom.
She loves shopping for sassy Birthday cards, so
I was not surprised (that one had a Wizard of Oz type
monkey on it, the other talked about life not having
intermissions so you have to pee when you can).
Traditionally, there is a birthday check enclosed with a
birthday card.  However, this year, both cards said:
"Gift is in the other card."  Of course, there was no check to
be found, in either card.  I came to that conclusion 
after ripping envelopes apart and closely inspecting both cards.

I called Mom and asked, so "was this a senile moment,
or were you messing with me?"  Her long, satisfied

laugh answered that question.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Birthday Cards

I celebrated by birthday this past weekend,
and wanted to share some of the wonderful
birthday cards that I received.

This card was created by my friend Deb in VA.  We worked
together in the 80s & 90s, and have never lost touch!  
Sorry, but I knocked off and lost one of the leaves.

I received this card from the wonderful Buffy Cooper,
at   She is one of our party of three
from BS&J productions, of Stamp Off Challenge Fame.
Buffy's stunning color contrasts are beautiful in person.

The final card for today was created by Susan Horr, at
Susan is also part of our BS&J Productions team.  Susan 
picked my favorite stamp set, a wonderful color combination
 and  beautiful layout.

I thank everyone who made my birthday so special.