Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Clear Mount Stamps

I have had a number of questions and wanted to offer some clarification
regarding the new SU Clear Mounted stamps.

In the image above, the stamp is adhered to the Clear Block.
This is the view looking THROUGH the clear block at the
attached rubber stamp.
There is no "adhesive" or sticky material to enable the stamp to stick
to the clear block.  It is simply a plastic "static cling" surface that "sticks"
when you press it to the block for about 5 seconds.  Therefore,
there is no problem or concern about a decline in terms of the
"adhesive" or stickiness of the stamp, since there is no adhesive involved.

In this image, you are seeing the same stamp from the bottom.
It is the SAME traditional red rubber that SU has always used.
You simply hold the clear mount "cling" stamp to the block
and then ink it up as usual.  The clear  blocks have a delightful feel
 to them, which is very similar to the wood mounted stamps.

The difference is a lower cost for the stamp sets (once you have invested
in the clear blocks) and less storage space.  Additionally, you "mount"
the stamp each time you use it, rather than once as with a wood mounted stamp.

The stamps should be cleaned with Stampin Mist (page 190) as
the Stazon cleaner leaves an oily substance that can reduce the
"cling" of stamps to the block.

I'm working on scheduling some classes, so stay tuned!


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