Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stamping Organization

Stampin Friends,

I'm getting ready to clean up my stampin area, so thought I'd show you a picture of what my area looks like, in case these ideas help you make your stampin area more "readily available".  I didn't say it was "pretty", cause obviously this picture is not.  But you can see some of the stands and organizational items that I use to pack as much as I can into my stampin space, which is one end of my kitchen.  I also have a cardboard bell jar box (with the original dividers) for a bunch of my punches.  I originally had a really tall plastic stack of drawers, but one plastic leg literally broke off (under the millions of pounds of pressure) and tipped over the 6 stacked drawers, so I got an old tv stand, which gets the job done.

My Big Shot is on a card table, in my living room.  Again, not pretty (except to a stamper), but visitors just have to understand.

I hope this helps, or at least entertains you.


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Karen S. said...

It helps AND entertains me!