Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Stamp Room Rennovation

I moved down to my basement stamping studio about
a week ago.  It is wonderful!
There was some framing around my plumbing cleanout
and other pipes from the kitchen that I needed to leave accessible.
I attached wood crates to the framing (left "wall") and
filled them with paper, DSP and stamp sets.
I put up some shelves below that window, for stamp pad
containers.  The recycled rubber flooring and little
heater keep this corner nice and warm.

I added peg board in a number of places, to hold a variety
of supplies and act as backing for my punches.
My punches are placed on dowels, that were easily attached
with closet dowel holders.  I could put up more, but now
have all my punches "out".  Retired DSP and 12x12 paper
is above the big shot area, in plastic containers stuck in
more crates.  I'm not great at construction and this took 
months, but things are much more spread out, so creating 
happens with less stress.  I have a whole wall of shelving
on the other side of the basement (that I put up last year)
for my retired stamp sets.

I had electricians add a couple more lights (one over the 
big shot) and an outlet right behind the big shot.
Life is good!

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