Friday, July 22, 2016

Stamp Off Party Animals

Welcome to another Stamp Off Challenge.
We are over half way through July, which is hard to believe.

Today, I suggested a "Party Animal" challenge.  There are
a number of Stampin' Up! products that are "party worthy".

 I've seen several samples of birds, using the Swirly Bird
set on page 152.  They were usually facing forward, rather
than a profile view.  I decided to create a couple of 
party animals, in profile view with sentiments from
the Balloon Builders.   I used the coordinating In-Color
Envelope paper, which is great for layering.
I know that these cards are kind of funky, but they make
me smile, so I'm good with it.
Now hop on over to Buffy and Susan's blogs,
so you can peruse their party animals!


Susan said...

That is the cutest bird! I am so surprised you didn't use your beloved llama! Love the quote at the end too! Is that a message for someone (wink)!

Buffy said...

These are adorable, Jackie! I love seeing the profiles. I'll have to admit, I was surprised as well when I didn't see that adorable llama - but happy to see such cute new ideas for the bird. And your quote is priceless! When you're so stressed about following rules that you aren't having fun, it's time to throw away the rules!

Deborah Smart said...

Jackie, I had such a good giggle seeing your birds - especially that first one - he looks like he's enjoyed lots of party beverages! ;)
Bazinga - on your quote at the bottom of the post; I get it! ;)

Bev said...

Awesome to it all. Lol thanks!