Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New Catalog Color Renovation

In case you haven't heard,
the current Stampin' Up! catalog retires May 31, 2018.
That means a NEW catalog, with delightful NEW rubbah!

It is an exciting time of year, with some changes coming.
This year, SU is having a color renovation.
Trust me, this is a GREAT thing!

First, the colors above are going away/retiring.
It looks like a lot of colors, but keep in mind that
the 2016-18 In Colors were scheduled to retire.

Now, for the exciting part....

we are getting the new colors shown above, plus 6 former colors
(indicated by the word "returning" on the graph below)!  They will really open up possibilities for beautiful paper projects.

This is the complete, new color line-up for the 2018-19 SU catalog.
You'll notice that we will now be offering 53 colors,
increasing our delicious color palette. 

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