Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Picked For You Apple

I realize that this is not a traditional Thanksgiving card,
but since I eat an apple every day, it will be part of my menu.
The Picked For You set, on page 171, makes use of the
Stampin' Up! tradition of layering stamps in order to
give an image depth and color variation.  This set
is a perfect example of that process. 
We have so many lovely green (and red) inks, that it is
fun to pick and choose different colors in order to
see the depth emerge.  Being an educator,
what's not to like about a really beautiful apple!  


Susan said...

This is a wonderful CAS card. I love how the apple turned out. Such a fun stamp set. said...

Gorgeous apple! My dad would LOVE you!! (He was an orchardist until he retired, and still has several trees in the yard and a few orchards he rents out.) Beautiful card!