Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Retired Llama Birthday

Sometimes, you just have to bring in retired product,
for that special family member.  My nephew and I go around
and around teasing each other.  He is VERY tall and teases that he
gets cramps in his neck looking down at me.  I'm not short,
but he likes to rub it in.  That means that his birthday card
needs to be "extra special".  Bring in the llamas!

He lives in AZ, so the llama and cactus work well
together.  I did get a call, saying that he appreciated the card,
so mission accomplished!


Susan said...

That embossing folder works great with the llama! I. Very cute card and how sweet of him to call you to say thank you. said...

Such a fun card, Jackie! And what a wonderful nephew you have to thank you for the card!