Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Geared Up Sailing Home Peacock

This is not a traditional 4th of July card, but I liked
this combination of stamp sets, with the sentiment.
I took the sentiment from  Sailing Home (p 146),  
and cut it out with the coordinating
Smooth Sailing Dies.  For the background, I used 
smoke from Geared Up Garage
(p 154) and feathers from Royal Peacock (p 26).
The feather-smoke combination works well to
set off the sentiment.  To add to this card, 
 the feathers could be glittered,  to make them look sparkly. 

Please have a safe and wonderful 4th of July!


Buffy said...

Beautiful red, white, and blue card, Jackie! And I love the way you mixed stamp sets. Those peacock feathers and the smoke really look like fireworks. <3

Susan said...

What a great combination of stamps. I would have never thought to use the peacock feathers as fireworks but they work perfectly!