Friday, August 9, 2019

Stamp Off Tea Together Floating Card

Happy Stamp Off Challenge Day!   Today, Susan, Buffy and I
are showing off our favorite techniques.

First, I need to offer a qualifier.  This is my favorite 
technique in terms of how the final product looks. 
It is a WOW technique.  However, making a card using
this technique can be a challenge.  

This technique goes by the names Floating Frame card or  
Press N Seal because
it usually calls for use of Press N Seal material to keep
the stamped images together, in order to apply them
to the framed layer.  It has been my experience that the
Press N Seal can pull the stamped images apart, which
I get more than frustrated about.   So
I skip that step, add a bunch of dimensional to the stamped images and just lay out them on the die
cut Stitched Rectangles (page 196) frame.   You can 
trim them even with the stitched rectangle frame, or leave
them hanging over the edges, as I've done in this example.

I created numerous flowers with the Tea Together 
stamp set on page 113.  These flowers are PERFECT for
this technique, because of their size and shape.  Then I
arranged them on the stitched rectangle frame.  I picked up
individual flowers, added dimensionals and then laid
them back on the frame.  You have to make sure that the
images that you use are not too tiny to apply dimensionals to.

I hope that you have enjoyed today's project!  Now please
click on over to see what Buffy and Susan have to show you.


Susan said...

I love this technique too! That Press & Seal can be a bit frustrating so your idea is perfect! This is a lovely card.

Buffy said...

Oh, this is beautiful, Jackie! It's one of the nicest cards I've seen with this technique. I have one sitting unfinished on my stamp table, because it just doesn't look right. I'll have to try again.Thanks for the inspiration.

Deborah Smart said...

I love the floating frame technique - your card looks amazing! Terrific colour palette too :)