Monday, December 9, 2019

Merry Moose with Mercury Glass

Now I'm sure that you all knew what kind of card I was
going to post today.  That darn Merry Moose (Holiday p 27)
 with Moose punch strikes again.    I love the moose with
the Mercury Glass Designer Acetate (Holiday p 33).  It
really creates a cool, wintery feel on the card.


Susan said...

You can post as many moose cards as you like because I enjoy each and every one of them! said...

Well, because of you, as soon as the moose is back, it's going to be on my order. So thanks for all the inspiration! Love the Mercury Glass Designer Acetate on the card base. Gorgeous!

Deborah Smart said...

I am loving your Merry Moose cards! And I totally agree - the mercury glass acetate makes a fabulous background for him.