Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Dressed to Impress with All Dressed Up Dies

I'm not much of a girlie-girl.  I don't own a pair of 
high heels.  But I know people who do (theoretically?).
I am so glad that it is socially acceptable to wear
tennis shoes, or flat shoes, featuring thick, 
arch support.

Dressed to Impress (Jan-June 2020, page 56) with 
the coordinating All Dressed Up dies is a cute bundle,
even if you are someone who says "pass" to heels.
The sentiments are awfully cute, and I highly
recommend that you take a look at it!


Susan said...

I am with you, Jackie. No more high heels for me. Even when I did wear them, they were only an inch or two high. I don't know how ladies can walk in those crazy high heels! said...

I used to love heels, but I'm much more down to earth these days. This is such a fun card, though.