Sunday, May 31, 2015

Impressionistic Wetlands

Yep, we're bringing you another Watercoolor Challenge.
This one is a photo inspiration challenge from Kath!
Here is our challenge.  It is a lovely, colorful image!

Currently, we have an American Impressionists Exhibit
showing at our local Art Institute.  I love this art style, so it was
stuck in my head when I created this card.  Plus, I needed some
kind of "bird influence."

So here is my challenge card, using the Wetlands set.
First, I sponged color on Watercolor Paper.
Then, rather than spritzing the card with water,
I sprayed water on a stampin sponge and
"pounced" it on the paper.  This created a more controlled,
mottled texture.  Next, I stamped the images and again
pounced and distorted with a wet sponge. Using a sponge
gave me the ability to create distortions and blending
where I wanted it, while leaving other areas more distinct. 

I hope that you have enjoyed my offering.  Please
click on over to the Watercooler Challenge site,
so you don't miss the other cool projects!


Created by Kath said...

Jackie, I love this card!

Penny Hanuszak said...

You've captured the heart and soul of an impressionist painting with your beautiful card Jackie. What an wonderful blend of the background colours and the use of the birds from Wetlands. An absolutely stunning card and artwork.

Deborah Smart said...

Wow - this is my favourite! Fabulous watercolour/impressionist technique - I'm going to have to try spritzing my sponge, instead of the cardstock, like you did Jackie. Thanks for sharing which colours you used to achieve your look!