Sunday, April 17, 2016

Travel Report!

It may not have been obvious, but I have been out of
town for a couple weeks.  I was visiting my Mom in Arizona.
I was so fortunate because I "missed" nasty weather at home
and had delightful temperatures while traveling.

This cactus had such a cool way of blooming, with stalks shooting
out of the "petals" (if that is what they are called on a cactus!)
You can see all of the different flower stages.

 We went for morning walks, allowing opportunity to photo
beautiful flowers and cactus.  AZ had just had rain, so the
cactus blooms were wonderful.  All of these plants were in front
of homes on Mom's block.  Those 6:30 am walks were perfect
for catching flowers opening.

So lovely!  Sadly, I have no idea what the names of
these flowers are.
I am not including photos of my Mom, because she
would prefer that I not.  She is the boss you know!


halejam said...

Looks like you're in the neighborhood. Thought I'd see if I could help out. The first photos are of Prickly Pear cactus blooms. The yellow flowering vine looks very much like a Mandevilla Vine and I'm pretty sure the last red one is a Mimosa Tree. Hope your enjoyed your stay. We've had some very nice weather but it's starting to heat up.

Jackie said...

Halejam, THANK YOU so much for your expertise. I am tickled that you could give me information on these plants!