Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Mom's Birthday Greetings

I have one last birthday story to share.
This is my Mom (who prefers pictures taken from behind)
on a walk in our favorite park.  When Mom/Patty visited
we went to Hills and Dales park frequently for picnics,
walks or to feed the fish.

My Mom is creative and a little twisted.  That is
apparently where I get it.  Anyway, several days before
my birthday, I received two birthday cards from Mom.
She loves shopping for sassy Birthday cards, so
I was not surprised (that one had a Wizard of Oz type
monkey on it, the other talked about life not having
intermissions so you have to pee when you can).
Traditionally, there is a birthday check enclosed with a
birthday card.  However, this year, both cards said:
"Gift is in the other card."  Of course, there was no check to
be found, in either card.  I came to that conclusion 
after ripping envelopes apart and closely inspecting both cards.

I called Mom and asked, so "was this a senile moment,
or were you messing with me?"  Her long, satisfied

laugh answered that question.

3 comments: said...

Oh, Jackie - what a funny story (and funny sentiment about life being short!). Your mom sounds like she's so much fun! I love your card, too. It's beautiful!

Deborah Smart said...

Your Mom sounds like someone I would love! Why be 'normal'?! Happy belated Birthday, Jackie - I hope you had a wonderful day :)

Susan said...

Your Mom sounds awesome. She has quite a sense of humor!. Love the card!