Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Sweet as a Peach

 My peaches just finished up.  The squirrels and rabbits got
bunches of them.  I had to throw the ones on the ground in the 
garbage, which now smells like Peach wine! 
I got a few peaches  that we are eating, and I also made into
some yummy peach juice.  

That is why I couldn't wait to get
my hands on the Sweet as a Peach set on page 61. I cut out
the peaches with the coordinating Peach Dies on page 161.
 The peaches remind me of how grateful I am to have 
a fruit bounty.


Susan said...

You are very fortunate to have all those cherries and peaches. I am totally jealous! We only have about 6 inches of dirt and then it is all bed rock so no fruit trees for me. Lovely card!

Buffy said...

This is a lovely card, Jackie! The "embedded embossing" adds a lot! I'm glad you got at least some peaches to eat!