Saturday, July 25, 2020

Watercolor Chicken by Jackie

I'm using a "non stamping" day, to post another 
artistic effort.  My friend Deb Smart at
is doing some wonderful artwork, 
and "forced" me to buy some paints to try watercoloring. 
Actually, she is wonderfully supportive, has some amazing
art on her blog, with lots of tips and links. 

I've always loved to look at watercolor paintings.  
I had an aunt (May) who was an artist and 
started taking watercolor classes when she was in her 70s.  Fortunately, I now have the time
to look at YouTube videos and do some experimenting.
This painting was CASED from this video,

Moving the paint, by blowing through a straw is
great fun and a technique used in card making.  
I also had some iridescent paint, that I really liked
around the chicken's eye.


Susan said...

This is beautiful and fun, Jackie. You did a great job!

Deborah Smart said...

I am SO glad that you shared your painting, Jackie! (and that you caved in to my 'forcing' you to buy paints LOL!) No wonder you're a natural - you had an Aunt May who was an artist! I'm looking forward to seeing lots more of your paintings :)

Sandy said...

Wow, Jackie, this is fantastic. I love watercolor and you did a great job with this style. I hope we get to see more.